The Benefits of a Triple Glazed Roof Light

Triple glazing may seem like an extravagant luxury, but due to manufacturers offering rooflights with improved U-values, it has become a more cost-effective way of increasing the thermal performance of homes.

Triple-glazed roof lights often include spaces filled with argon gas to improve insulation even further, as standard in Signature rooflights and most Sterlingbuild flat roof windows.

The Benefits of a Triple Glazed Roof Light

Better Insulation

Triple-glazed roof lights feature three panes of glass separated by an air cavity, providing superior insulation than double-glazed windows and helping keep heat loss down and your energy costs under control. The extra insulation layer can keep your home warmer while simultaneously cutting energy costs.

Triple glazing’s additional space and insulation layer make it highly effective at reducing noise pollution, making it suitable for homes near busy roads or aircraft flight paths. Furthermore, tinted glazing provides greater UV-ray protection.

From companies such as Replace Windows, professionally fitted triple glazing provides superior thermal performance for homeowners searching for an insulated flat roof skylight, even at its higher initial price point. Over time, triple glazing will pay for itself with lower energy bills.

Signature rooflights and Sterlingbuild flat roof lights, in particular, often fill their spaces between three panes of glass with an inert gas to enhance insulation even further. Argon gas is commonly chosen as a way to help retain heat within a room and decrease energy bills.

All our rooflights and frames are produced using the same production process, guaranteeing high-quality products. This includes using polyamide thermal break material between frames and glass panes to avoid heat loss through conduction, with an overall centre pane U-value of only 0.6 W/m2k, providing exceptional thermal performance that even surpasses our highest A-rated double-glazed windows!

Triple glazing is an integral component of Passivhaus projects and other homes constructed to ultra-low energy standards, often serving as the only way to achieve such low u-values. Its superior performance distinguishes it from even the highest-performing double-glazed products on the market and often ensures energy-saving performance standards are met.

However, for flat roof skylights with exceptional U-values and energy-saving features, the Signature fixed roof light range offers made-to-measure options that provide exceptional U-values and energy-saving features. Choose from standard sizes at the listed price or have one custom made specifically to your dimensions (this service incurs an additional fee). Plus, you can add any of our numerous solar control or insulation treatments as required!

Less Condensation

Wherever condensation may be an issue—in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room, for instance—triple glazing can help by keeping the room warmer. Usually the gaps between panes of glass are filled with an inert gas, which has 34% less thermal transfer than air, helping keep warm air inside while cold air remains outside so condensation-causing air doesn’t escape through gaps between panes, keeping your room dry and condensation-free!

Rooflights in the home should be given special consideration, as they can become susceptible to moisture buildup from condensation. Left unchecked, this moisture accumulation can discolour ceilings and even cause mould growth if left to persist for too long. A triple-glazed roof light can also provide more UV radiation protection from sunlight, which reduces any potential damage to furniture or carpets from sun exposure.

Triple-glazed rooflights must be fitted to your roof using an upstand made of suitable material to ensure it remains watertight. At minimum, its dimensions should be 70mm wide by 80mm tall to help channel water away from it and away from your property; this also serves to ensure rainwater runs off without pooling around it and leading to condensation issues. These upstands typically feature ventilation holes to help improve air circulation within your property and decrease moisture buildup, reducing moisture accumulation that leads to condensation problems in your home.

Triple-glazed roof lights not only offer more comfortable home environments and greater energy efficiency, but they can also offer noise reduction benefits compared to double glazing due to being better at isolating against external noise, helping your home remain quieter and more peaceful.

Triple-glazed roof windows are an excellent addition to kitchens and dining rooms, not only due to their ability to fend off condensation but also due to the natural lighting they bring into the space below them, creating a brighter and healthier space in which to cook and dine. Furthermore, using an argon gas centre pane of Signature triple-glazed rooflight helps keep it warm, helping prevent condensation issues even further.

Less Noise

Triple glazing can reduce energy bills as well as noise pollution by creating an additional air gap to keep sound from moving from inside the property to the outside, especially in busy areas or near airports or railways.

Double-glazed roof lights consist of two sheets of hermetically sealed glass separated by an air gap created by a spacer bar to form an insulating cavity, typically filled with air but which could also be filled with inert gases such as argon or krypton for increased energy efficiency.

Installing an extra layer of glass and air between the outer panes of a rooflight greatly enhances its acoustic performance, making it more suitable for homes near roads or railways. Acoustic performance can be further increased by filling the cavity with inert gases such as argon, krypton, or xenon gas.

Triple-glazing roof windows also offer greater UV radiation protection than their double-glazed counterparts due to an additional layer of glass that helps reflect sunrays away from entering buildings. This further protects interior spaces against sun penetration.

Triple glazing outperforms double glazing when it comes to keeping heat inside during the winter months, saving money on heating bills by decreasing heat loss through window panes. Furthermore, triple glazing has better insulating qualities, which allow less heat loss during the summer.

Triple-glazed rooflights tend to be heavier than their double-glazed counterparts, which may limit the frame sizes available on older buildings that cannot support such an added weight. Still, excellent U-values can still be achieved when specifying high-quality frames that match glass specifications.

Selecting an ideal rooflight is crucial to providing your building with ample natural lighting and creating an enjoyable atmosphere and setting. Our rooflights come in both single-glazed and triple-glazed varieties, with various colours and finishes to suit any building.

More Light

Rooflights with three panes of glass may let in less light than their double-glazing counterparts; however, this shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern if placed away from south-facing sides of a house. However, choose frames and glasses carefully to maximise natural lighting. Signature’s rooflights use low-iron glass that reduces any “greeny” tint often associated with triple-glazed units.

Thermal performance does benefit from adding an additional pane, with reduced U-values than double-glazed roof lights, more heat staying inside your home and energy bills being decreased as a result of improved insulation properties. This can result in greater heat retention within your home and cut energy costs in the process.

Triple-glazed roof lights are up to 60% more efficient at trapping heat than their double-glazed counterparts, due to an additional layer of glass and inert gas between the windows—typically Argon gas—but other alternatives, including Krypton and Xenon, may also be used.

Triple-glazed roof lights not only offer more heat, but they also have excellent acoustic and sound insulation properties that help to keep homes quieter by blocking noise from nearby roads or neighbours. This helps make life less noisy in general!

Triple-glazed roof lights not only offer superior insulation, but they also provide increased security against intruders due to the extra glass and higher weight of triple-glazed models compared to their double-glazed counterparts.