If you’re looking to sell or rent your property, there are simple improvements you can make that will help. These improvements are quick to make and don’t require a large investment on your part.

Employment trends in the Midwest – notably in the Chicago metro area – suggest an influx of new arrivals. This means young professionals and families will be looking to rent or buy property in the area. According to Lensa, the Chicago metro area is also a great place for fresh graduates and first-time job seekers. Competition for these new buyers and/or tenants will be fierce, but with the simple tips outlined in this article, you should be able to gain an edge on your competitors.

Beautify the Entranceway

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And that first impression – the exterior of your property – will go a long way to informing your potential buyers or renters how they will perceive your property once they’ve entered it. Of course, it won’t do much good if you have a beautiful and comfortable property, but by the time your potential buyers or renters visit it, they have set it in their heads that they are not interested.

The entranceway, the exterior, the pathway leading to the front door – this is where you make your first impression. And how the visitors perceive it will significantly affect how they perceive the inside of it, too.

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But everyone does. That’s why publishers spend so much time and attention on making the cover as appealing as possible. And so should it be with your property.

  • A fresh coat of paint on the front door and its frame
  • Potted plants that lead to the front door
  • A clean and well-defined walkway leading to the front door

Cleanlinessiness and tidiness go a long way to giving a sense of security to the property. And when it comes to people who are new to the area, they are not generally aware of which neighborhoods are safe and which ones aren’t. Instead, they will judge the security of a community based on rumors and, more importantly, based on the cleanliness of the properties they visit.

Secure Parking

Getting around in a new neighborhood always presents particular challenges. Parking ranks high among them. Having a secure parking space makes a big difference in a property’s value.

To simplify all things parking at your property, you can use ParqEx’s suite of technology. This tech ranges anywhere from license plate recognizing cameras to GuestParq, which helps reserve spots for tenants’ guests. Not only does this eliminate a hassle for the tenants, but it shows them that you have gone the extra mile to assure their comfort and convenience. Of course, it’s hard to put a price on comfort and convenience. But when we do, the price is high.

Indoor Plants

Nothing livens up a space better than, well, actual life.

Plants not only render a room more aesthetically pleasing, but they also help cool and purify the air. In addition, studies conducted by NASA suggest that the roots and soil of indoor plants play a significant role in reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds.

Plants also reduce stress and sharpen focus. Naturally, all these claims should be taken with a grain of salt. But, what is clear, is that people feel better in a space with indoor plants.

It might be a good idea to choose indoor plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance, plants that are forgiving if a tenant forgets to water them:

  • Snake plants (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue)
  • Succulents
  • Aloe vera
  • Spider plants
  • The Devil’s ivy (also known as pothos)
  • Philodendron

Smart Technology

Smart technology in the home is meant to provide comfort and convenience, increase efficiency, and even offer security measures. This makes a given property equipped with intelligent technology particularly appealing to a potential home buyer or renter.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re going to equip your property with innovative technology, it is advised that you start with energy-saving features. This has the benefit of making your property more appealing to tech enthusiasts and those concerned with the cost of utility bills, and those involved in the environment.

Some popular energy-saving smart features include:

  • Smart thermostat (can be preprogrammed or set on a timer)
  • Smart lighting (can automatically adjust according to the amount of natural light present)


Some popular smart technology security applications include:

  • Smart doorbells (They let the occupants see who is at the door simply by looking at their phone.)
  • Smart door locks (This feature is very convenient, as it allows occupants to come and go without having to search for their keys.)

The Bottom Line

There’s no sense in putting your property on the market as is when a few simple, inexpensive improvements can go a long way toward increasing your property’s asking price.

Before putting your property on the market, tidy it up, add some new tech features, add a fresh coat of paint, and get your parking situation figured out. Then, let your prospective buyers or tenants know that you are selling (or renting) a property that has been optimized for comfort and convenience.