It is absolutely crucial that you have enough space in the kitchen so that you can find pleasure in spending time there. When it is too small, you may feel trapped there and hate preparing your meals. Cooking and baking should be joyful experiences.

Kitchen Extension as a Way to Solve Your Problems

But fret not, there is a simple way to make you love cooking again. All you need to do is get a kitchen extension. You may wonder – how much would that be? It sounds rather expensive and complicated. Well, if you want to know what your kitchen extension cost would be, there is nothing easier than that.

Reaching Out to Professionals

There are many websites online offering to estimate how much you would have to pay if you decided to make your kitchen bigger. With that information you will be able to make a conscious decision about what you want and if a kitchen extension is affordable.

The Importance of a Kitchen

A kitchen is the most important room in the house, especially for amateur cooks. It is where you prepare your food and where a lot of people eat their meals. That makes it such a special place as we not only eat for sustenance. It can also be a social activity as there is nothing more beautiful than making a meal for someone and chatting while dining together.

Why Do People Need Kitchen Extensions?

Many people move into finished houses or don’t fully understand what they want when they build their own. You only find out what you really need after living in a house for a certain period of time. That is why a plethora of people end up unsatisfied with how their houses look.

Different Possibilities

There are a lot of different ways that you can use to enlarge your kitchen. They all depend on your preferences but also your specific situation. If you have enough space in the property, you can get an extension from the back of your house. It will however take up space where you could have had a garden. Side return extensions, which are built at the side of the house, are also extremely popular especially with houses in Victorian or Edwardian styles. They work so well with those types of buildings because they have a gap at the side. There are many other options too so you are sure to find a solution that suits you.

Getting a Permit

You need to remember that in order to get a kitchen extension you need a permit. It is best to get it before you hire professionals so everything can go down smoothly. And you need to plan it into your budget because it costs around £200.

Before You Start

The most important thing to do even prior to trying to get a permit is setting a budget. If you do not do that, you could end up spending way too much money and having the project get out of control. When you have already done this part, you then can check if the price you set is realistic. Obviously, different types of kitchen extensions have different prices and it all depends on many factors but the average cost of a service like that is around £1,500 per square metre.