Maintaining your living space and cleaning it regularly not only gives you a clutter-free space but also helps you and your family stay healthy and enjoy food ordered online while watching a movie.

Home maintenance can be a long and never-ending process, whether it’s your own house or rented one. Regular home maintenance tasks can be categorized based on how frequently they should be done; there are various house maintenance tasks that need to be done daily, monthly, twice a year, as well as annually.

On a daily basis, cleaning tasks like sweeping, mopping, doing your laundry, etc., are a given. More important tasks like hiring a professional to inspect your roof, examining electrical systems, or painting your property, will relieve you from potential stress and increase your property’s value while selling.

If you live in a rented house, regular maintenance is crucial as it makes sure that you get back your full security deposit amount.

When moving to a new place, apart from the daily chores, you have to thoroughly clean the place much before you move in. Carrying out a deep home clean will include tasks like acid washing, getting rid of oil & other stains, proper inspection & repair of cracked walls, leaky plumbing, broken/old electrical sockets & wires, and so on. Taking care of all these tasks will be definitely time-consuming and requires extensive planning from your end.

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You can definitely stay away from house maintenance for a short while, but it’s not something you can escape.

Fret not! We have done extensive research & created a list of home maintenance tasks you need to take care of, at specific time periods every year; go through the checklist mentioned below & start taking notes!

Home Maintenance To-Do List:

  1. Monthly Tasks
  2. Biannual Tasks
  3. Annual Tasks

Home Maintenance Tasks To-Do: Once a Month

  • Clean and Defrost Your Fridge: Remove shelves and wipe with a wet cloth. Check your veggie draw and dispose of any rotten vegetables. Defrost your fridge overnight and keep a few lemon slices to get rid of the spoiled vegetable smell.
  • Scrub Your Kitchen: Using a mild cleaning liquid scrub away all the oil & masala stains on the kitchen platform, walls, etc. Mix lemon juice & baking soda in water, to use as a cleaning liquid if you don’t prefer chemical sprays.
  • Clean the Bathrooms: Over time, the bathroom taps, showerheads, faucets, etc., may get clogged and scaly; use grapefruit juice and soda, or cleaning chemicals to thoroughly clean them. Wash the sink & commode, wipe mirrors, and place a new bathroom freshener, to eliminate bad odor.
  • Arrange Your Closet: Spend some time to neatly organize your wardrobe. Categorize clothes into pants, tops, formals, daily wear, etc., neatly fold and arrange them in your closet. You can also use a wardrobe organizer cabinet to arrange your clothes properly.
  • Dust Your Decor Pieces: Take a dry cloth and start wiping down the dust on all your favorite photo frames, antiques, showpieces, etc. Spray some cleaning liquid or water, and wipe them with a clean soft cloth/tissue.
  • Clean the Dust and Debris: Start from the top; use dusting sticks to clean cobwebs. Move your furniture and clean dust below them. (Tip: If you’re planning to move furniture, dismantle them first and dust them for quick packing; remember to look after your health when moving to avoid exhaustion).
  • Check Your Gas Pipe: If you notice any leak in your gas pipe, call professionals to get it fixed immediately. (Tip: Don’t forget to turn off your gas regulator after use)
  • Inspect the Drains: Check if your sewer pipe is blocked; hire professionals to clear blockage. Blocked drains can affect the health and hygiene of you & your loved ones.

Home Maintenance Tasks To-Do: Twice a Year (Biannual)

  • Clean Chimney/Exhaust Fans: Remove your exhaust fan air filter; use vinegar, baking soda, and salt to clean the greasy oil & dirt blocking the filter.
  • Change all Batteries: Check and change batteries of watches, remotes, kids’ toys, and other things; make sure you dispose of the batteries safely.
  • Dust Your Electronics: Read the user manual before you start cleaning electronic appliances. Use a soft dry cloth to dust off the TV, fridge, AC, washing machine. Spray cleaning liquid on a clean cloth and wipe them once again to give a brand-new shiny look.
  • Check for Pest Infestation: Inspect your home thoroughly to check if there is any pest infestation problem. If it’s a minor problem, try some home remedies to get rid of them; hire professionals to get rid of major problems like bed bugs, termites, rats, etc.
  • Clean Your Home Garden: Clear the leaf litter and weeds in your garden. Wipe dust off the leaves to unclog pores; fertilize and water the plants later.
  • Clean the Junk: Your attic, backyard, and terrace are the places that are usually overlooked; sort out stored items and declutter the junk in your backyard and terrace.

Home Maintenance Tasks To-Do: Yearly

  • Paint Your Home: If you notice paint chipping off, or colors are too dull & boring, it’s a definite sign to paint your home.
  • Check Electrical Sockets, Switches, Wiring: Hire professionals to check & replace the switches, sockets, and faulty wiring at your home.
  • Check Your Interiors & Woodworks: Check the firmness of stairs & balcony railings; get repairs done for any damages.
  • Check for Leaks, Cracks, & Seepage: Carefully inspect walls, ceiling, and floors for cracks, leaks, & water seepages; hire professionals for proper inspection and repairs.

Regular home maintenance will prevent expensive repairs overtime & increase the value of your home. We have done enough research and created a list of home maintenance tasks you will have to take care of at specific periods of time every year.

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When you move to a new place, you will have many chores to handle before & after moving. Most importantly, make sure you deep clean your new house before goods are delivered and have a fresh start at your new place. Based on your new timings & routine, prepare a plan for post-moving home maintenance.