Exploring the Benefits of Custom-Built Spray Rigs

Spray rigs provide contractors with all of the equipment they require for their jobs in an easily transportable unit, including work benches and additional tools to speed up servicing of spray foam equipment.

Not every contractor can afford a brand-new spray foam rig, which is why it is crucial that your provider understands your business goals and expectations. Investing into custom-built spray rigs, tailored to your specific needs, can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

The Perfect Home

As humans, we’re often told that having the ideal home is necessary to our happiness. But what does that actually entail? Certainly not having all of the latest stainless steel appliances or driving away in a Lexus. A perfect home should not consist of expensive possessions but should provide us with an environment in which we feel at peace.

Solutions Pest & Lawn offers professional spray rigs designed to meet any application need, from frame footprint to tank configurations, pump combinations and reel positions – we’ll design the ideal custom rig to fit. Each of our rigs come complete with high-quality hose equipped with pin-pricked covers to vent vapor and help prevent ballooning while remaining lightweight for ease of coiling after use.

The Perfect Business

To maximize the value of their spray rig investment, contractors should seek a provider that is capable of helping them find the appropriate model. A reputable dealer should ask questions about your operation as well as your goals for the future that will allow them to recommend equipment with features and designs tailored specifically towards meeting those needs.

Contractors that buy mismatched spray equipment quickly incur repair expenses, lost revenue and an impact to their reputation. It is always wiser to invest in high-quality equipment that fits perfectly rather than try cutting corners that will ultimately cost more in the end.

Solution Solutions designs custom spray rigs for pest management applications using both box trucks and trailers, each fully customizable in terms of frame footprint, tank configurations, pump combinations and reel positions.

The Perfect Spray Rig

Investing in quality spray equipment is one of the most critical investments a business can make in their future success. Poor-quality rigs will cost more in terms of repair expenses, downtime and customer complaints; moreover, purchasing an inappropriate solution could hinder efforts to expand and improve profits.

Every Solutions spray rig is constructed of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frames with welded seams to resist rusting or chipping, as well as being equipped with high quality pressure gauges that enable operators to monitor how much pressure is going into their spray hoses.

Each rig comes equipped with an inline strainer between the spray tank and pump to help minimize debris build-up in both tank and hose, and Hannay Reels professional hose reels hold 300 feet of 3/8- or 1/2-inch I.D. spray hose capable of withstanding 600 pounds working pressure and 1800 pounds burst pressure respectively.