Bathroom vanities are essential element of your home and it is very important to purchase and install them in your bathrooms. You can get high end bathroom vanities |Vanerloc is one of the best websites to get it from. Furthermore, there are a lot of different styles for bathroom vanities from which you can choose from. Nevertheless, here are some of the best different styles for bathroom vanities.


However, it is crucial to bear in mind that there is not any room left for extra or huge objects. Such vanity designs might potentially enlarge a tiny bathroom with neon lights, but they also function admirably in larger bathrooms. Due to its simplicity, this design category is possibly the most calming to the sight and mind. The floating bathroom vanity in the image still has a lot of empty space beneath it. If necessary, a small stool or chair can also fit in this area. Additionally, placing some indoor plants at the vanity would seem perfectly appropriate. In this, the bathroom vanity is often a small item (like a floating vanity), just enough to meet your needs without taking up extra space for aesthetic reasons. Additionally, the colours are never garish or incongruous. You will notice that the colours flow together well, and textures may be added to the design in place of patterns to offer some diversity.

Art Deco

The bathroom vanities in the Art Deco style include these features. These designs don’t necessary have to adhere to the house’s concept; they might work just as well as autonomous, attractive rooms within the home, almost like rebels. The surrounding painted walls also contribute to the vanity’s successful integration with the restroom. Such bathroom vanity designs are simple to implement in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, no matter how big or little. The face frame itself is a solid square shape with no curves at all, as can be seen in the image below. The designs on the cabinet doors are equally angular and sleek, as seen in the mirror, with sharp edges. The second bathroom vanity design on our list is Art Deco, a decorative art movement that peaked in popularity in the late 1920s and early 1930s. This fashion is distinguished by its striking geometric patterns and motifs, as well as its bold (sometimes metallic) colours.

French Provincial

it is a more refined variation of the more rustic French Country aesthetic. This enormous bathroom vanity’s patterns, colours, and shapes complement the rural surroundings and resemble vintage dressers or ancient dressers with elaborate legs. French provincial bathroom vanities are frequently appropriate for large bathrooms in homes, such as a master bathroom, that have an overall regal and opulent appearance. They complement enormous mirrors with elaborate frames and marble flooring in bathrooms rather nicely. If you have ever considered placing a chandelier in your bathroom, it might not seem out of place in a room large enough to fit a French Provincial vanity both visually and practically.