Very few of us think about our plumbing systems until they start malfunctioning in one way or another. This is basically a home system that is designed to work and that is designed to be forgotten about while it is working. It is only when we start noticing certain problems that we become really aware of the importance of these systems. And, of course, the moment we notice the problems, we want to resolve them.

How can we resolve them, though? Not by tampering around the plumbing ourselves, that’s for sure. Not having the necessary skills and the important equipment and still deciding to try and fix the problems alone is definitely not the best idea, because it can lead to making the problems even worse. What you have to do, thus, is hire great plumbers in Adelaide to fix these systems in your home and to have them working perfectly once again.

Are you wondering what the most common plumbing issues in Adelaide are? Whether you are facing a problem right now and you want to understand if it is a common one that the pros will be able to handle quickly and easily, or you simply want to get prepared if something happens in the future, getting familiar with the issues that can happen frequently is definitely a good thing.

So, what we are going to do right now is get you acquainted with those plumbing services that are most used in Adelaide, after which we will proceed towards helping you choose a reliable company to provide you with those services should you wind up needing them.

What Are The Most Called-On Plumbing Services in Adelaide

Taking it one step at a time, we are first going to check out some of the most called-on plumbing services in Adelaide. This way, you will know which problems you may expect to experience in the future, which will undeniably help you get prepared.

Furthermore, the list will also help you understand if you may be facing a certain problem right now, because, even if it is a minor one, resolving it on time is crucial, as it will help you prevent it from evolving into a bigger issue that could cause quite some trouble.

  • Clogged Drains

Gurgling sounds in your drains, water backing up out of them… Those are clear signs that there is a clog in your drain and that it, of course, needs to be resolved. A blockage like this could wind up causing more serious issues if it isn’t dealt with on time, so make sure to hire professionals the moment you notice these signs.

Read more on some common issues here:

  • Clogged Toilets

The same goes for clogged toilets. If water is backing up out of the toilet, you should definitely count that as a red flag. Don’t wait to see if the issue will get resolved on its own, because there is clearly a blockage preventing the water from flowing. It can be caused by grease or other types of products being flushed down the toilet. Whatever the cause is, though, professional help will definitely be required.

  • Slow-Draining Bathtubs and Sinks

Another clear sign that your main sewer line is blocked is slow draining. This applies to bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. If the water takes forever to drain, don’t dismiss it as something normal or assume it will get better over time. The truth is, things will only get worse if you don’t address the problem right away.

  • Dripping Taps

In addition to being an annoyance that can get you frustrated from time to time, a dripping tap is also an indicator of some underlying plumbing problems that need to be resolved. Damaged seals, high water pressures and some other things can cause this particular issue.

And then, the constant dripping can lead not only to wasting a lot of water, but also to corrosion, which will then cause further problems. Thus, calling the pros on time when you notice a dripping tap is certainly a must.

  • Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are high on the list of those common plumbing problems in Adelaide homes. Corrosion, high water pressure, improper installation and other things can be the causes. Whatever the cause, though, hiring professionals to fix the problem is the right thing to do.

  • Burst Pipes

This one should go without saying, as it is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed on time. A burst pipe is common in Adelaide, due to the temperature fluctuations, and it most commonly happens in winter.

Dampness on the ceilings and the walls, a sudden drop in pressure, or a continuous water flow even when all the taps are closed can be signs of burst pipes. When you notice any of those, you should immediately contact the pros.

  • Tree Root Infiltration

Speaking of causes, tree root infiltration is one of the biggest causes of blocked drains in Adelaide, including those found on this page. That is why it had to be mentioned separately. If this issue is not resolved on time, it can easily lead to burst pipes. So, if there is a large tree near the sewer line, keep an eye on the signs of root infiltration.

Choosing a Reliable Adelaide Plumbing Company

No matter what kind of a problem you have, we have already made it clear that trying to fix this alone is not the best idea. Instead, what you have to do is hire an Adelaide plumbing company to do the necessary work. And, most importantly, you need to hire a reliable one. How do you do that, though?

How can you make sure that the company you are hiring is reliable and trustworthy? By doing research, of course. Check the experience levels of the companies you’re considering, and remember to inspect their reputation as well. Read reviews and talk to previous clients directly, since it is the comments given by other people that will help you ultimately determine reliability.