Build a Quartz-topped Reception Desk for a More Upscale Look
Anyone visiting your business will initially catch sight of the welcome area. A company’s logo serves as both an emblem and a portal to its underlying culture. Avoid cutting corners here if you want your clients to feel like they matter. The initial impression is crucial, thus it’s important to use high-quality design and luxurious materials.

Equally impressive is the fact that the quartz countertops often installed in such settings may last for years and years without being updated. The advantages of quartz include being stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and heat-resistant, so whatever you put on it will stay looking lovely for years to come.

Quartz is used in a variety of settings, from workplaces to stores. There is information here that may be used by any sort of company, from cutting-edge startups to time-honored trades. Quartz reception countertops are a great choice for any professional setting, including businesses, hotels, and restaurants.

Explain why quartz is the material of choice for front desk counters.

Quartz, the second-most-common mineral after feldspar, accounts for around 12 per cent of the planet’s crust. Its extensive availability means it may be found in almost every kind of geological setting. Quartz is a fascinating material with a wide range of historical and contemporary uses, and this article examines all of them.

Quartz is used in many everyday items, including but not limited to worktops, kitchen sinks, timepieces, and wristwatches, and helps us stay on schedule.

Quartz’s benefits make it a top pick for use as a lobby counter.

Superior Polish

Quartz, because of its unparalleled qualities, is the material of choice for constructing high-end hotel lobbies and reception spaces. The allure of a glossy finish or the smooth feel of polished stone can instantly elevate any space. Quartz is a great addition to any high-design room due to its attractiveness and longevity. Because of its durability and low maintenance requirements, it is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas where the spread of disease is of paramount importance.

Simple To Take Care Of

Quartz counters are the cleanest and easiest to keep in good condition. They are superior to other materials because they do not harbor germs and dirt within their pores or surface voids. Since they are nonporous and resistant to liquids and foods, they don’t need to be sealed, buffed, polished, or resealed. They require no more than a damp sponge and some mild soap for everyday cleaning, making routine care a breeze.

Modifies a Variety of Patterns

Quartz is a designer’s ideal material because of the versatility of its many different looks. Quartz is the most durable material, making it ideal for use in high-use locations like reception desks. It is resistant to heat and abrasion and can be fabricated to resemble any stone, making it a versatile material that works with a wide range of aesthetics.

Ideas That Will Make Your Reception Area Look Amazing

Design that is gentle on the environment

Quartz is unlike other stones in that it is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. This is the hardest, longest-lasting substance on the planet, and it’s all-natural. Because of its extreme durability, this stone may be put to practically any purpose. For that reason, we have Rafael Beige, Brown Star, and Emerald Star, all of which are eco-friendly options. Our products provide architects with more options for creating environmentally friendly and visually beautiful buildings.

Attractive White Layout

White is a color that evokes thoughts of cleanliness, purity, and serenity. It provides a calming impact, making it ideal for public spaces. When it comes to interior design, white quartz strikes the ideal balance between opulence and contemporary style.

Check out our newest collection, Regal White, if you’re in need of a brilliant white that will add a touch of grace and sophistication to whatever room it graces. Our Frost White and Intense White would be ideal for your lobby if you like a more luxurious look.

I say we go for it with a daring layout.

The bright bursts of color that quartz allows for brighten up every surface in this foyer, from the floor to the wall to the backsplash. This may be used to enhance the look of any surface, whether it be a welcome desk or anywhere else.

Quartz surfaces, such as Imperial Marquina, Burgundy Star, Borosil Blue, and Piatra Grey, can be used to create a wide variety of stunning designs. Quartz’s rich, dark color complements the rich tones of the wood, creating an opulent but cozy atmosphere.