Almost half of the population in Lake Charles, Louisiana rent their houses. In such a competitive market, landlords may need to add value to their properties to attract even more tenants. This may be a challenge for owners who manage their properties on their own, but the good new is, it’s not a mission impossible. Here are some simple things you can do to make your rentals appealing to potential lessors, earn more, and increase equity.

Keep On Top Of Maintenance

Houses deteriorate when there is no regular maintenance. Resolving issues before they turn into big ones is ideal. It is easier and less costly to repair a small leak than to change major parts of the plumbing system. Encourage your tenants to inform you immediately when there is anything wrong. Prevention is also better than a cure. Winter in Lake Charles can be freezing and it is best to prepare the house for the weather. Check the heaters. Cover outdoor faucets and vents in the house’s foundation because not everything is as safe as Piratebay.

Improve Outside Spaces

A house can be gorgeous, but overgrown front lawns and dead plants can make a potential renter lose interest. Doing some work to keep the garden tidy will showcase the house better. You can do it yourself, the tenants can do it if they enjoy taking care of plants, or hire professional gardeners. Their services for lawn and grounds care will keep your garden in tip-top shape all year round. Do not forget the outdoor areas at the back. Spruce up decks and patios. Sometimes all it needs is some paint.

Say Yes To Pets

Fursure states that almost a third of US households have pets. If you allow pets in your rentals, those with fur babies will naturally prefer yours. Renters who own pets are likely to be responsible tenants and may stay longer. You can charge an additional monthly pet fee to cover damages pets may make, giving you additional income. Screen the renters properly to make sure both parties accept the conditions and include these in your lease agreement.

Make Some Upgrades

Property improvements add to its overall value. Replace appliances that are over 10 years old. You can charge higher rent from the next tenant to offset the costs. If this is not possible, simply changing some bathroom and kitchen fixtures can excite potential renters. Quality hardware will give the house a new look and if you spend a bit more, it can attract tenants willing to pay higher rent. Consider adding some smart devices, such as video doorbells, garage openers, thermostat controls, door locks, and security systems. These may not raise the value of your property, but they can catch the interest of renters.

Lake Charles has a high demand for rentals, and taking these steps can set your properties apart. It will be beneficial to both you and your tenants. Plan well before making any improvements to ensure you will get a return on your investment.