As winter is a difficult time for humans, it is also challenging for plants and grass. As the temperatures begin to deline, the leaves of plants and grass start showing dehydration symptoms. The chilled flowing air and dry soil prevent the roots from replenishing the plants and grass with the required amount of water.

The conditions become more challenging in the locations that experience snowfall in winters. However, it is possible to take care of your plants and lawn grass in winter. All you need is to get help from Austin arborists for tree service and they will do the right things at the right time. Let us explore the best ways to prepare your lawn for winter.

Remove the fallen leaves.


The dry leaves falling from trees can smother your lawn if not removed at the right time. You can use the dry leaves for composting, but you should remove them from your lawn as soon as possible. It can be time-consuming work we know but you can make it a bit exciting while cleaning up the leaves. This will let you work fast. You can use a rake tool or blower to remove the leaves and use them later to make compost. Raking your lawn not only makes it look tidy but also prevents the formation of dead patches for the next spring.

Replace the unhealthy patches.

Fall is the best season for filling the unhealthy patches in your lawn as the soil is moist and warm. You should seed the barriers in your lawn to improve the thickness and density of the grass. More the density of grass better will be the insulation from low temperatures. Make sure you plant the seeds or grass in the fall before the arrival of the winter season.

Aerate your lawn before winter.

Aerating your lawn will help you to insulate it with compost. It is important to water the lawn a few days before you plan its aeration. After aerating the lawn, use compost to fill the holes created during aeration. Filling them with compost will protect the roots of your grass from chilling temperatures and frost. If you don’t have the time, tools or desire to aerate your lawn yourself, consider hiring the pros at TruGreen to handle it for you.

Maintain a compost pile.

You can use dry leaves, plant trimmings, grass clippings, fruits, and vegetable waste to make organic compost for your garden. Avoid using inorganic materials or plant waste treated with pesticides. You can use this compost to protect your plants from low temperatures and frost. Start creating compost at least two months before the beginning of the winter season.

Reduce the amount of irrigation.

The grass in your lawn does not need as much water in winter as it requires in summer. If you live in a warm location and the weather is sunny in the daytime, you should reduce the amount of water in winters to twice a week.

But if the climate is too cold, you can stop watering at all or reduce it to once a week. You should always water on a sunny day in the daytime. Watering in the evening can freeze the water due to low temperatures at night. Never water the lawn on a snowy day, as it will freeze within a few minutes making the conditions worse.

Mow your lawn regularly.


In the fall before winter, you should mow your lawn every 10 to 15 days until all the leaves are shed. Moving the lawn regularly will ensure that the leaves do not smother your lawn. Also, it will maintain the length of grass to prepare for winter. You should maintain the length of grass to 1.5 inches in warm locations and 0.75 inches in cold locations.

Landscaping experts recommend keeping the length of grass shorter than that you maintain in the summer season. Keeping the grass short in the winter helps prevent the fungal growth and allow the sunlight to reach the soil until the arrival of warm weather.

Remove the weeds.

Some weeds like plantain, crabgrass, and chickweed go to seed in the fall. So you should remove them before they have a chance to grow on your lawn. You can either pull them manually or spray an organic vinegar solution with 10% vinegar percentage. If you plan to use the vinegar solution, be careful to avoid spraying it on the surrounding grass.

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Final Words

These were some lawn care tips to prepare your lawn for the winter season. However, you should apply these tips in the fall, before the arrival of winter. Some processes like seeding and aeration need to be performed before the winter therefore, leave it for the experts like Waco tree professionals as they will offer you good results in winter and will help you to make your lawn healthy. It is okay if you don’t have enough space for a lawn with Honeywell thermostats you can have some happy indoor plants.
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