At times, when your garage door fails to close like the way it should, you might become frustrated. Since people store most of their valuable things in the garage like your car or your newly purchased thermostat from Honeywell, it turns out to be an important place. Thus, ensuring the security of the garage is a must.

Waiting for the repairman to reach you can be quite annoying as well. Hence, instead of worrying about the security of your belongings in the garage until the repairman comes, you can begin to follow a few steps. Also, approach any garage door repair company in Glasgow if you need professional help.

Do you have to deal with a garage door that doesn’t close? If yes, then this article is for you. You will be able to fix it if you apply these seven techniques.

7 Methods to Fix a Garage Door that Won’t Close

Look for the Sensors

There might be some issue with the garage door sensor if it doesn’t close at all. Thus, check the sensors to look for the issue.

The openers of the door come with safety lasers that are mounted near the floor. Whenever something tries to block the path of the door, these sensors try to detect it. Thus, they help in maintaining everyone’s safety.

Most often, the lenses of the sensors are covered with dust and dirt. This creates a false signal to the opener’s control board. Usually, if you wipe these lenses and clean them using a soft cloth, it will not create any false signal.

If you come across blinking sensors, you might have to align them so that they can see each other vividly. Make one of the sensors slightly loose and adjust it till the tiny light becomes steady in its place.

Look for the tracks and rollers

Once you are done checking your sensors, you need to check the tracks and rollers if it still doesn’t work. See if the tracks are functioning properly to make sure there is no blockage in progress.

A damaged track or roller can create a similar impact on the door. Check the tracks to make sure there isn’t any kind of issue. If you come across a damaged part, you can choose to bend it again to the previous position with hammer strikes.

Grease the rollers after checking them for any damage. Use lithium or silicone-based grease.

Take a look at the Trolley

It is the Trolley that is responsible for connecting a garage door to the opener. A trolley usually holds a rope that keeps hanging from it.

If you realise that your garage door is moving easily with your hand, the Trolley is in bypass mode. What you need to do is bring the rope with force towards the door so that the Trolley comes out of the bypass mode. After successfully activating the garage door opener, the Trolley will return to the chain and function properly.

See your remote

If you are trying to close the garage door with the remote and the door is still not closing, there is a chance that the batteries are dead. In such a case, try to change the batteries of your remote. But, there is also a possibility that a power surge might have swiped away from your garage door opener’s memory. If your remote doesn’t work even after replacing the batteries, you need to program it again.

Take away the light cover that is present on the garage door opener. You’ll come across a big “learn” button. You have to press that button until you see a bright light flashing. After the light flashes, press a button on your remote and see if it works.

5. Check the Limit Screws

If your garage door doesn’t close at all and stops moving without retracting, there might be some issues with the limit screws. Here, you might have to adjust them properly.

These screws come with contacts that tell the garage door opener how much to open or close the door. Thus, adjusting them is not a difficult task.

6. See the manual

You might come across a blinking light whenever your garage door fails to open. In such a case, your garage door opener will tell you what’s the issue. You have to keep a count on the number of times the light blinks. Once you do that, refer to the manual’s troubleshooting guide to check what that count conveys. Those who don’t have a manual can check the trouble code online.

7. Close the garage door manually

If you cannot fix the door yourself, you might have to take professional help. However, until you wait for them to come, you have to secure the garage by bringing it down on the bypass rope.


Hopefully, this article helps you learn the various strategies to fix your garage door that doesn’t close. Make sure to implement the aforementioned strategies and fix your garage door without any hassle.