Adding a little greenery in the bathrooms is not a bad idea after all. Various houseplants benefit if kept in a bathroom because it has a constant supply of humidity, and filtered sunlight with favorite food, which is ideal for most houseplants.

But you can’t choose any random plant for your bathroom because not all the plants can thrive in low light or high humidity. To make the task easier, we have listed the 5 best houseplants that will thrive in your bathrooms.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the best options for a bathroom. They can thrive in both low and bright light. So, if your bathroom has any, the spider plant will do fine.

Spider plants will also enjoy the humidity levels of the bathroom. So, that’s a plus point. But to avoid overwatering, you can sometimes skip watering.

Spider plants will make your bathroom look exotic with their long, green, and dense foliage. Spider plants also purify the air in the bathroom by removing toxins like benzene, trichloroethylene, xylenes, and ammonia.

Place the plant where it can receive at least some natural light. Also, keep it away from areas where water splashes too much as that will wet the leaves, which is not good.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Veras are loved worldwide for their multiple qualities, from air purification and medicinal purposes to various health benefits. Keeping them in one corner of your bathroom will be a fine idea with aesthetic lights.

Aloe Vera gel is great for skin and hair. So if you perform skin or hair care routines daily before or after freshening up or bathing, keep Aloes in the bathroom. Anytime you enter, you can pick up a leaf to extract the gel and use it for your skin or hair. You can also use them to heal wounds.

Aloes don’t need high humidity, but they will enjoy the little humidity they get from the bathroom. You can skip watering as frequently as you usually do as the bathroom humidity can give them their required moisture.

This succulent can survive both bright and diffused light. So, if your bathroom gets filtered light, Aloes will easily thrive there. Just ensure to keep the Aloes away from areas with excessive water splashes.

If aloe veras seem interesting to you, consider growing them, but before that, head to, an useful blog by Richa where she has shared everything you need to know about growing aloe veras.


Bathrooms are places with extra humidity levels, warmth, and indirect sunlight. Such conditions are perfect for Orchids.

Since Orchids can thrive in a humid environment, bathrooms will be a great place for them. Besides, the orchid flowers can add colors to your bathroom, and you will enjoy it whenever you enter.

Orchids require full sun but can thrive under low or filtered light, which most bathrooms have.

Orchids will not only make your bathroom look amazing but also smell amazing. Their lovely scent can refresh the bathroom and encourage a relaxing vibe, letting you have a luxurious bath.

Orchids thrive under low maintenance, bright indirect sunlight, and need water only 1-2 times a week. Keep them where they can receive indirect sun and water them only 1/4th once per week.

Boston ferns

Boston ferns give you a touch of real greenery and nature due to their dense green fronds. Though the plant creates a jungle appearance, you can also use them to style up your bathroom.

Since the plant comes from tropical and subtropical areas, the bathroom is ideal for them as it can provide them with warm temperatures and constant humidity. Also, if your bathroom receives filtered light during the day, you can easily place your fern in the bathroom.

Boston ferns also prefer to remain consistently damp most of the time. A place where the humidity is high and water keeps splashing is a good place.

To know more about the awesome Boston ferns, check out the How To Care For Boston Fern (Ultimate Care Guide) article on simplifyplants.


Pothos enjoy bright indirect or filtered sunlight, making them perfect for the bathrooms receiving such diffused light.

However, Pothos requires only 50% humidity levels, but bathrooms are quite humid. Don’t worry about humidity and skip occasionally watering to balance it with the plant’s moisture levels.

Decorate your bathroom with Pothos by putting them over the shelves or counters. You can also decorate your bathroom mirror with these vine plants. Shape and wrap them around the mirror and let them dangle and grow more vines.

Make sure to keep the plant away from areas with continuous water splashes.