What are Biological Pest Control Methods?

There are a number of different pest control solutions that you are able to use. But one of the options that you may consider if you want to pick something that is safer and has few issues with safety like chemical pest control is biological pest control. Biological pest control is going to refer to the method of controlling the population of a pest and it is done by using another organism to help get the work done. This can be a unique option that can work well, but you do need to look around and figure out what will work for your needs.

There are a few different types of biological pest control that you can choose to work with. The one that you go with will depend on your exact goals, what type of pest in your area, and more. The three most common types include importation, conservation, and augmentation. Let’s dive into each one to see what it is all about and whether you should choose it or not.


The first type of biological pest control that you should look at is augmentation. With this type of pest control, you will release a native species to the environment, one that is the natural enemy of the pest that is getting into your home. You will release enough of these so that you can reduce how many of the pests are around. Since the species that you are releasing is native to that area, the negative consequences are going to be minimal.

To make this one work well, you will need to take the time to study up on your pest species and find out what other species are going to be useful to help remove it in a safe and effective manner. To make sure that you do not release the wrong kind of animal into the environment, you may need to talk to the professionals to see which animals will be the best.


If you do not want to use the augmentation method, you can also work with conservation. This is going to be a bit different, but there are some similarities as well. With conservation, instead of releasing a native enemy species, you will need to figure out how to conserve the native enemy species so that you can boost the size of its population. This one assumes that the predator is already in the area and you are going to go through the process of increasing its population to get rid of the pest, rather than bringing more of it in.

While this is not about pests, we can see the basics of conservation with some of the work that Yellowstone has been able to do. In the past, they used conservation to help with the grey wolf. By doing this, they were able to decrease the population of deer and elk, which helped to stop the issues with overgrazing and brought the ecosystem in the area back into the balance that it needs to be in.


The first option is going to be known as importation. This is going to be more of a classical approach to biological pest control. This one is going to involve releasing a type of non-native enemy of the pest species into the environment so that you can control the number of the pest in the area. It has been successful at times, but it could cause a number of problems if you are not careful. The biggest issue here is that the species that you introduce could become invasive and then you have another problem on your hands.

Methods of Biological Pest Control

There are also a few different methods that you are able to use when you decide that biological pest control is going to be the best choice for you. Whether you want to go with predation, parasitoidism, or one of the other methods, you will find that they each work in different manners to help remove the pest and make sure that your home is safe.

For example, when you work with predation, you will be able to use any of the three methods above in order to lower the population of the pest species down to a more manageable level as well. With this method though, you may not be able to completely get rid of the pest, but it can be a good idea since it is going to involve native predator species as well.

Even using competition between the species can be a good option. It is going to help you to introduce another species that is going to fight with the pest and causes the original pest to run out of resources. If it is done well, both of them can go away and you will not have to worry about both of them being in your yard or causing problems for you any longer.

Hiring Professional Pest Control

Whether you choose to work with biological pest control or you just want to find the best method that will get rid of the pests and make your home safe and secure again, you may find that hiring a professional pest control company can be one of the best options for you. These professionals will be able to come to your property and figure out which pests are around, providing solutions that are customized for your needs based on the pests that are there.

Whether you are taking a look at some of the biological pest control methods or you would like to find something else, you need to work with the right team to handle your pest control needs. No homeowner wants to find a lot of pests sticking around and it can make them feel like they are going to be in a mess for a home. That is why you need to work with our team when you are looking for an exterminator in Phoenix. We will be able to come to your home and provide you with some of best pest control on the market, ensuring that your home is safe and the pests will go far away.