Voip Apps for Business and Their Uses

Do you have to stay linked to your fellow colleagues and clients? If so, it’s important to have a mobile application for your business interaction with today’s remote workforce. But wouldn’t it be that hassle-free if employees utilized their mobile phones to call their clients? Yes, it’s partially true! But when your business needs to interact daily with teammates, customers, and others, you will need an ios voip app.

Various VoIP phone systems with distinct pricing and features are available. But in case you’re considering switching to VoIP, the best VoIP apps for business and their utilizations are shown below.

Google Voice

It is a straightforward VoIP phone system offering business and personal plans. The latter plan is limited to business use as it provides one contact number and user. Are you a business owner and willing to use Google Voice? If yes, you will have no other option than opting for Google Voice for Business.

Its business plan provides the following:

  • Support for desk phones
  • Limitless text messages and domestic calls
  • Google workspace unification.


It’s a cloud-oriented phone software for support & sales teams. Mainly the companies willing to close deals or boost their customer experience; this top-notch VoIP phone system targets those companies only. It can be merged with several tools, such as your eCommerce platforms or CRM. CloudTalk can be used to:

  • Session queuing and routing
  • Record calls
  • Create location
  • Concurrent calling


This VoIP system provides users convenience with outstanding features, such as the capability of toggling calls and conference calls between devices. Dialpad offers seamless call quality, and establishing this VoIP app is straightforward. Using Dialpad on a mobile phone, desktop, or web browser is possible. Once the app is installed, anybody can start using this app to send unlimited texts and make calls to Canada and the US. Dialpad can be used to:

  • Record calls.
  • Communicate with MMS, SMS, and group texting.
  • Obtain a virtual contact number quickly for your business.


It’s a phone business solution allowing you to possess a second contact number on your PC or mobile device. Line2 works throughout Apple iOS, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. Do you want a basic VoIP application and calling? If yes, you can consider Line2 without any second thought!

It possesses unrestricted VoIP calling within Canada and the US in its fundamental plan. But it doesn’t have features, such as voicemail transcriptions and call recording. Do you need integrated communications, such as instant messaging and video conferencing? Then, look no further than Line2! The best uses of Line2 are the following:

  • Sending voicemails.
  • Inbound and outbound calling.
  • Recording calls.


It’s an outstanding VoIP service and the first one to provide leading VoIP phone systems. Vonage provides vital features, like multiple VoIP providers, you would require in a business communication system, including:

  • Unrestricted team messaging
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Limitless team messaging
  • Call recording

This VoIP system comes with multiple essential features. You need to pay extra for these below-mentioned add-ons:

  • Call recording
  • Unrestricted texts to Canadian numbers
  • Toll-free numbers

Zoom Phone

You must have heard of Zoom, which has arrived with a Zoom Phone product. This VoIP system has a mobile and desktop application, allowing you to make calls and perform elementary phone-oriented tasks. Does your team have to make outgoing calls daily? In that case, it’s not the greatest option! Some of its basic uses are the following:

  • Video conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail transcription

These are the top 6 VoIP apps for business and their uses mentioned above. Consider anyone after reviewing each one individually.