When you choose ceramic tiles for home décor, you’re on trend. They’re a favourite choice for walls and floors in homes, as well as for commercial premises.

Although ceramic tiles are popular for “wet” areas: kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries, you can use them anywhere you choose. They have advantages over other types of materials for walls and flooring, as we’ll see in a moment.

Firstly, let’s look at terms. Although both ceramic and porcelain are terms used to mean fired and glazed tiles made from clays, they’re different types of tile. Primarily, the difference is in the base clays from which they’re made.You may be familiar with the popular clays used for chinaware. Just as an earthenware dinner set differs from a set made of porcelain, so ceramic tiles differ from porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are made from porcelain clay, kaolin, which is finer and denser than the clays which are used for ceramic tiles. These porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures too, and may be glazed and fired several times to achieve a specific look that a manufacturer wants.

When you’re buying tiles therefore, ceramic tiles are usually less expensive than porcelain tiles, although they can be just as beautiful.

Whether you’re building a new home, or are renovating, tiles have advantages when chosen as wall and flooring materials.

Choose popular ceramic tiles for their advantages

These advantages include:

  • Affordability and ease of installation.
  • Water resistance, making them suitable for those areas of a home which get messy.
  • Slip-resistance.
  • Durability. Tiles last for many years.
  • Simple, quick cleaning: a wet wipe, and they’re clean and bright again.
  • Suitability for allergy sufferers, because they’re easier to keep dust-free than carpeting. Do get medical advice for your situation, however.

What about disadvantages? The primary disadvantage is that tiling is heavy, so engineering advice is advisable if you’re renovating the upper floors of your home.

Although ceramic tiles are commonly used for your home’s wet areas, you can use them anywhere you please. Get creative, and use them in unexpected ways.

Be different: use ceramic tiles creatively in unexpected ways

You’ll find tiles to match your home’s décor, whether you’ve chosen retro looks, or a modern minimalist style. When you explore your choices, consider using tiles for a pop of vivid colour, or to set a calming ambience with a feature wall.

Consider tiles for walls and floors in your outdoor living and entertainment areas too. Choose them to create an impact, or for their utter practicality. Tiling is durable and hardwearing, making them a great choice if you have children and pets.
Tiles can look stunning on porches, patios, and home entryways.

Let’s look at some of the popular trends in ceramic tiling today.

1. Back to nature: wood and timber looks

Today, we want our homes to be safe refuges: wood and stone evoke the calming effects of nature. Tiles can be fired with glazes which mimic natural materials, like timber and stone.

If you love the look of timber, explore your options. You can find ceramic tiles which look like real oak, or treated timber. Love stone? Consider tiles manufactured with stone effects, such as marble and granite.

2. Colours: choose calming greens, and blues, or make an impact with bold colours

When it comes to colours, you’re limited only by your imagination, because you have wonderful choices in ceramic tiles. Choose coastal shades: light hues of green and blue, sandstone yellow, or dusky pink for their calming effects.

Alternatively, follow the latest trends and go bold with colourful patterned tiles—tiles can be printed with retro prints, botanicals, or vintage designs.

Charcoal black and white are always on-trend, as is grey.

Period designs are popular too. If you love art deco, consider art deco designs for eye-catching friezes. Manufacturers are using the original designs from the 1920s, which you can use in any room, or for a stunning entryway to your home.

3. Eye-catching patterns bring any room to life

Choose tiles printed with designs you enjoy. Alternatively, stay with one colour and hue, but have the tiles laid in a pattern: chevron, or basketweave, for example.

You’ve got size choices too. Select tiny tiles for mosaics, or go big, with large tiles on floors and walls.

Gloss tiling is trendy too.

4. Gloss effects: bright and shiny tiles look great on walls and floors

Although matte finishes may be a better choice for bathroom floors for slip-resistance, tiles can be fired to achieve high-gloss looks.

For gloss, glass or enamel glazes are fired on tiles to achieve a brilliant gloss, in white and neutral shades, or in attention-getting bold colours, like fire-engine red.

Your home, your way, with amazing ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles can be budget friendly, so don’t restrict them to wet areas, use them anywhere you choose. Tiles are not only beautiful, they’re practical too.