The use of all kinds of robots and gadgets in the home is a modern trend that is tightly integrated into our lives. With their help, you can solve various household tasks using a smartphone, laptop, or computer. For example, you can control the appliances remotely, program their functions, and adjust their functionality.

The producers of split systems and air conditioners are not behind the world trend and began to equip the products with smart functions. Due to this approach, it is possible to remotely aerate or heat the room, heat a certain room, or turn on the device in economy mode using a smartphone.

Smart functions are the following options:

  • The ability to remotely control the air conditioner via Wi-Fi and reset the thermostats
  • The ability to set the operation of the device to maintain heat in the winter at the cottage or in the cottage in the wintertime.
  • Switching on at the appearance of the person in the room.
  • Automatic detection of temperature in all the rooms for the subsequent alignment of the temperature mode.
  • Switching on the economy mode in case of the absence of a person in the room.
  • Optional self-cleaning function to eliminate bacteria, dust, and moisture.

Best smart air conditioners in 2022

With this functionality, you can set up and operate your air conditioner remotely, creating comfortable conditions in your home. We suggest you consider the installation of air conditioners with Smart features from the best experts at

There is new consumer demand in the market of climatic equipment: customers want to see useful and aesthetic devices matching actual design solutions in their homes and offices. Manufacturing companies responded to this request, and on the market appeared inverter air conditioners with non-standard housings. All of them are equipped with Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating.


The wall-mounted split system has been manufactured since 2021. The area of the room must be up to 30 m². The design includes an advanced fan – with a reduced noise level due to the minimum resistance of the blades to air flows. The system successfully fights not only dust but also other allergens (mold, pollen) and bacteria. Users note that the air conditioner creates a comfortable environment in the apartment.


  • A++ energy efficiency class (cold);
  • Presence of dust sensor and auto-cleaning function;
  • Monitoring of power consumption.

Haier AS25S2SD1FA/1U25S2PJ1FA

Wall-wall split-system Haier AS25S2SD1FA/1U25S2PJ1FA – development of Japanese specialists, who are constantly introducing new technologies into their models, is able to work for heating at an outside temperature of -30 ⁰C. Improved design has made the system almost silent. The system has a built-in EcoPilot occupancy sensor – it automatically adjusts the optimum temperature for humans.


  • Energy efficiency class A+++;
  • Serviceable area – 26 sq. M;
  • The noise level of the indoor unit is not more than 15 dB;
  • 3D Airflow; volumetric airflow;
  • Comfort sleep mode;
  • 4 airflow rates;
  • Maximum airflow capacity – 10.83 m³/min;

Cooper&Hunter CH-S09FTXB-W

Split system for improved heating during the cold season. Runs on a new type of freon – R32, 10% more energy efficient than previous ones at the expense of increased heat transfer. Treated with preparation against corrosion, adapted specially for use in northern latitudes. Equipped with an intelligent defrosting system and protection against freezing. The working area of the room – up to 30 m².


  • Energy efficiency class A+++ (cold);
  • Advanced fan with an increased number of speeds;
  • Instant freezing self-cleaning and protection against dust accumulation;
  • Automatic selection of operating mode;
  • Outdoor unit does not freeze;
  • The possibility of a quick and safe start-up even at considerable subzero temperatures outside.


Each of the above systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. Japanese split systems with the Smart function are considered advanced, allowing you to perform various operations while outside the house. Other systems also deserve close attention due to their low cost but acceptable quality.