Lovers photoshoot is a great way to demonstrate and capture your feelings. Many couples want to remember the most touching moments of their relationship. Every memorable date, anniversary, vacation together, or weekend, sweethearts can take pictures to create a photo story of their love. Later you can use picture collage apps to turn several pictures into a memorable gift for your soulmate. For more information about it visit Skylum’s blog.

Outdoor photoshoot for couples

Even a little rain can add a touch of romance to the pictures. The photos will surprise you if you use these interesting ideas:

  • Picnic. Prepare a blanket, beautiful dishes, a wicker basket, and some photogenic dishes (fruit and berry salad, blueberry muffins, smoothies or milkshakes, sandwiches, pizza, and apple pie). A meal with beautiful appliances, mouth-watering food, and nature all around will be a real treat for two.
  • A walk through the city. The shots taken against the backdrop of the cityscape will be lively and dynamic. Even in a short period, you can change several locations.
  • Yachting. Buy tickets and enjoy each other’s company. Fresh air, water, and scenic views – what could be better?
  • Cafes and restaurants. The interior of many restaurants allows you to organize a small filming process. The only disadvantage is the possible lack of light and space.
  • Architecture. Pictures were taken against the background of the columns of the theater, museums, palaces, and hotels look spectacular.
  • Horseback riding. Such a shooting will be a real adventure. You’ll get impressions from the filming process, as well as unforgettable emotions from spending time with horses.

Clothing and Accessories

For a street photo shoot, you should not choose too festive outfits, as you will be constantly on the move. Makeup and hairstyle for girls should also be simple. The right accessory can complement any idea. Flowers, umbrellas and raincoats, balloons, fruit and confectionery, roller skates, or a bicycle are used as attributes for the shooting in the street.

Couple’s photo session in the studio

A studio shoot in combination with a photographer and a makeup artist will save you time and allow you to enjoy the process without any worries. With this detailed organization, there will be no difficulties in the working process. For complete preparation, you need to pay attention to the choice of interior, clothing, accessories, makeup and styling, ideas, and images.


The studio offers several rooms with different interior designs. The partners can choose their favorite photo zone or take advice from the photographer. The style and color of clothing, makeup, and themes of the shooting depend on the choice of the room. Therefore, the selection of the interior is the first thing with which the preparation begins.

Ideas and looks for the shooting of a couple

Beautiful photos will become the filling of your family album. If you want the pictures to please you for many years, it is important to be creative in the organization of the photo shoot and the choice of images.

Movie characters

Why not transform yourself into the characters of your favorite movie? In cinematography, there are many films where the main characters are a man and a woman who love each other, childhood friends with developed feelings or sworn enemies who later became husband and wife. Perhaps your relationship had a similar story or you just want to become a beautiful couple from the screen for a while.

Valentine’s Day

On this day, all couples try to show even more love and care for each other. Red balloons, ribbons, sweets, gift wrapping, and cards will help to create a festive atmosphere.

Flowers and petals

A bouquet of flowers is the most common attribute of a romantic photoshoot. If lovers have planned a more sensual shoot, it is better to use rose petals instead of bouquets.

Romantic dinner

Classic filming about lovers in a suit and evening gown. Imitating a date at a restaurant with dinner by candlelight, slow dancing, and kissing.

Poses for couples photo sessions on the street and in the studio

Not all lovers can feel confident in front of the camera. The anxiety and shyness make the poses look unnatural and people look uptight.

An experienced photographer should set the couple up for the shoot and help them choose the right poses. The partners should move a little slower than in normal life. And after changing a pose, make a short pause so the photographer has time to capture the right moment. The most popular poses for couples photoshoots:

  • guy and girl holding hands and walking towards the photographer or walking away from him;
  • the guy holds the girl in his arms.  You can also put the girl on your shoulders;
  • touching. This pose is variable: the couple can stroke each other’s hands or cheeks, lean on the shoulder of the partner or touch the hair;
  • the girl hugs the guy from behind and the partners can look at each other or at the camera;
  • lovers looking at the horizon. Also one of the partners can point to the birds or the stars. In the evening, shoulders can be wrapped in a plaid;
  • the guy hugs the girl from behind and she turns her head to his face;
  • facing each other, the lovers look into each other’s eyes and hold hands;
  • the guy kisses his lover’s hand, and the girl looks him in the eye;
  • kissing on the lips while standing or sitting;
  • one partner whispers in the other’s ear.


A couple’s photo shoot can not only strengthen the relationship but also remind you of the faded feelings. The day will be remembered as one of the best, and the photos will become favorites in the album. Throughout the photo session, you should listen to the photographer and enjoy the process. Use picture collage apps to create your love story. At Skylum’s blog, you will find all the information you need. We wish you endless love and successful shots!