Al Fresco Dining: A Guide to Creating an Outdoor Bar Table Setup

When summer arrives, people love to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warm air. Many people today love entertaining family and friends when the weather is nice. An outdoor bar is the perfect place to prepare and mix drinks for guests. How should outdoor bar furniture be set up to make entertaining effortless?

Finding the Right Space

Determine where the outdoor bar should be placed. Most people look for a shaded area in the yard that isn’t exposed to the elements. This space will allow for entertaining even when the weather isn’t ideal. Invest in a canopy or large freestanding umbrellas if the yard lacks natural shade. When choosing this spot, try to find a place close to the outdoor dining area with an easily accessible water source.

Select Furnishings

Select FurnishingsOnce the perfect spot has been selected, it’s time to find furnishings to fill the space. With many outdoor bar tables today, finding the right one shouldn’t be challenging.

Manufacturers understand people want outdoor spaces that meet their unique needs and offer a wide range to pick from. Invest in bar stools and chairs to provide seating for those who want to talk to the bartender or relax near the bar.

Incorporate Storage Into the Space

Every person should include storage when designing their outdoor bar. Nobody wants to spend time running back into the house to grab what they need, particularly when friends and family are visiting. Look for bins that coordinate with the other outdoor decor, including your patio furniture. Confirm they are airtight so animals cannot get into them.

Bars also need cold storage options, so remember this when designing the bar. Some people choose to fill a cooler with ice when entertaining, while others prefer to have a mini-fridge that stays in the outdoor bar area. Anyone who chooses the second option must locate a power source for the fridge or have one installed.

Stocking the Bar

Stocking the BarThe bartender needs all supplies. Some people serve beer and wine, but others want to make mixed drinks. They must determine this beforehand and have liquors available to make the drinks. Various mixers must also be purchased. Cocktail napkins, bar tools, a blender, measuring devices, shakers, and garnishes will complete the bar set up for drinks.

Most people like to snack while drinking, so the bar should have a place to store popular snacks. Purchase chips, pretzels, olives, and crackers for snacking. Invest in storage containers to keep the snacks covered and away from animals.

Purchase stemware for the outdoor bar. Select glasses for different drinks, such as beer mugs and shot glasses. Have bowls, plates, and serving ware at the bar. Don’t forget cleaning supplies and a place to dispose of waste. Anything left behind can lead to animals making their way to the bar, and nobody wants that. When choosing items for waste disposal, don’t forget a recycling bin.

Decorating the Bar

While the bar is a functional addition to the outdoor space, it should also be visually appealing. Choose decor that blends with the overall outdoor living space. Add artwork, outdoor rugs, and other items to spruce up the bar.

Countless individuals would appreciate an outdoor bar. Consider adding one to your outdoor living space. You’ll wonder why you didn’t add it sooner when you see the hours of enjoyment you get from this feature.