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Practicing Self-Care at Home 

Graphic created by ImproveNet. Stress is an unfortunate fact of modern-day life. Stress is an evolutionary mechanism that helped humans survive and thrive and, in small amounts, can spur us on to work harder or successfully address a situation. However, too much stress is bad…


Build On Demand Delivery App 

The year 2020 made an intense growth for the delivery market. Analysts predict that in 2021 this sphere will grow almost twice (by 47%), and the catering market will shrink by 21.3%. During the pandemic, users have developed a habit of using delivery services, and…


Big Benefits of Using Dash Cams 

There are all kinds of interesting gadgets you can buy and use in your car nowadays. Modern GPS devices, for example, make it easier than ever for drivers to get around from place to place and explore new areas without the need for traditional paper…