Electric bills, on average, form almost 25% of money spent on residential utilities every month, a sum that usually sits at around $115. It’s a significant amount, but can you reduce it with solar panels for home use?

The answer is both yes and no. There are pros and cons to swapping out city power lines that connect to your home for sun-soaking solar panels on your roof.

Keep in mind that making this change involves a hefty initial investment, a factor that tends to scare most enthusiasts away from the idea.


Solar panel installation offers an alternative power production method that’s becoming more popular with the passing of every day. The cause for attraction is due to its environmental benefits, cost reduction for users that make the investment, and manageable upkeep.


Caring for the environment was perhaps the first factor that pushed residential solar panels into the market. While the production behind solar equipment produces some pollution, the end result is sustainable energy for long periods of time.

The net outcome is a reduced carbon footprint.


Those who aren’t attracted to the environmental protection that solar energy provides find interest in its potential for savings. Residential solar panels can remove a household from the grid and eliminate the need for monthly expenditures on electrical bills.

Low Maintenance

Finally, where many turn away due to solar panel cost, others find the low maintenance too good to refuse. The idea of efficient idle energy production with just a monthly cleaning routine is almost too good to be true.


As you can tell, solar panel roof setups, for example, make for an excellent alternative to traditional energy services. There are two factors to consider, though, before getting started. The installation process is a bit complicated and repairs can cost a fortune.

Complicated Installation

The installation process is a bit complicated due to two primary factors. These are the prior accommodations for easy placement and finding a good installer. You can expect higher costs if your roof needs remodeling.

Costly Repairs

Solar panels aren’t cheap to make. Parts are scarce, so any malfunctions can turn into a substantial bill for repairs or replacements. This is something to consider, as one of the major pros is savings.

If you’re worried about needing to funnel cash for repairs, you can use one strategy to avoid it. Consult with solar manufacturers for warranties. Keep in mind this has its limitations and doesn’t cover all types of damage.

Choosing Solar Panels for Home Use

Considering the relatively low amount of energy you probably need for your home, solar panels are a fantastic option for avoiding expensive electric bills. You don’t have to go off the grid entirely to see savings over time.

The pros outweigh the cons, in most cases. Between chipping in to protect the environment and almost guaranteed savings, you can’t go wrong investing in solar panels for home use. Keep in mind, though, that installation fees and finding the right technicians are paramount factors to iron out before starting.

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